Improve performance and mitigate risk. Assess and evidence competence more efficiently and optimise training effectiveness.

Use our secure online platform to assess workplace knowledge, understanding and competency but with a key difference - measure an individual’s level of certainty within the knowledge area assessed.

Now you can identify knowledge gaps that have previously been difficult to recognise through traditional methods of analysis, such as a purely score based testing process.

Our platform takes away the risk from relying solely on pass/fail scores by providing additional testing insights and in-depth analysis of results. This means you can identify and address weak areas of comprehension, mitigate potential people risks, create optimal training interventions and improve the performance of your business.

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How our technology can help…

  • Employee competence assessment

  • Compliance

  • Assessment of third party supplier and sub-contractors

  • Product and sales training

  • High stakes examinations

  • Professional certification and assessment

  • Customer service

  • Recruitment

Who is it for?

Anyone working within Compliance and Risk, Learning and Development, HR, Training and Competency who is involved with assessment. Our innovative approach to capturing test information ensures that your organisation has confidence in the accuracy, quality and validity of your assessments, exams and training.

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, or if you have a distributed or fragmented workforce, our product is ideal to deploy tests online and collates all the data in one central system for analysis whether that be by division, location, team or topic area.

Assessment that delivers improved performance.


Build and manage questions and assessments.


Engage your audience via a secure any place gateway.


Performance-response technology captures more than the answer.


Gain deeper insight into the individual, the workforce and the process.


Individual’s performance, training interventions and your ROI for L&D expenditure.

What sets us apart from other assessment software?

We give you the complete picture from your assessment and testing whether that is for recruitment, training, certification, product knowledge or internal communications. Our platform's unique technology features innovations that will give you results that deliver more than other assessment tools through:

  • Analysing employee behaviour during testing to gain a deeper understanding of knowledge certainty and establish performance improvement needs.

  • Identifying knowledge risks so that you can create training and assessment schedules for maximum impact and return on investment.

  • Interrogating results to analyse the effectiveness of questions, tests and trainers.

  • Advanced labelling enabling you to compare and contrast test results using criteria that is important to you whether that is by location, division, team, department, job role or other factors.

  • Version controlled authoring and assessment to support certification, auditing and evidencing compliance to the regulator.

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action”

Jim Rohn

What are the benefits to you?

  • Measure certainty of knowledge by topic and assess employee competency with the use of scenario based questions.

  • Track, trace and evidence compliance, responding easily to audits ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Improve training effectiveness and identify training needs.

  • Save time within the business by knowing who require what training and being able to refine training plans appropriately.

  • Understand whom needs to relearn and those who may need to unlearn.

  • Ensure your training is resonating with staff to deliver greater return on investment.

  • Validate questions, assessments and trainers to ensure optimal assessment and training programmes..

  • Accelerate and enhance your recruitment and on-boarding process.

  • Understand your workforce knowledge to deliver improved customer experiences.

  • Robust auditing, traceability and system security. 24 hours access, 365 days a year with global deployment capability.

Companies currently testing with our technology include:

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